Zombie Meditations

New EP: “In Appreciation of Limits”


A lot of this recording is rough, as I’ve been too rushed to really sit down and perfect any of these songs, so I allowed a fuck of lot of small errors to stay in and this is basically a way–more–lazy–than–I’d–prefer “first take”.

Honestly, once the first track starts getting weird and too quiet, … just skip to the third.

The first track starts with a brief 40 second sample illustrating my basic style of song–writing: simple guitar parts that overlap in interesting ways to create something that feels more intricate than the sum of its parts. I like the parts to be simple enough that I can hear them all individually, but mesh together in a way that makes listening to all of them at once a more involved, meditative sort of act. Eventually (if the urge strikes) I may expand that basic template into a more developed song. I really, really love the feel of it and I’m probably going to expand on it whenever I get a decent chance to sit down and really work it out. (For now, I’m sending my recorder across the country ahead of me before I take off on my own journey to where it’s headed.) The rest of the track after that 40 seconds verges into an alternate tuning transcription on acoustic guitar of The Weeknd’s “The Town” (actually, when I recorded the brief demo, I didn’t realize this was on the rest of the track. So that’s why the volume is screwed up—and now I’m out of CD–R’s. I’m sorry. You can hear it well with headphones, though.)

The next two tracks are a two–part series that starts with an … industrial beatbox? intro and then verges into a creepy, slightly Azam–Ali–inspired vocal–backed spoken word drawn from something I found I had written a long time ago and couldn’t for the life of me remember anything about (I’m guessing I was probably ridiculously high when I wrote it down). The second part takes the template of the rhythm from the spoken word and transforms it into an acoustic instrumental. (At which point it sucks way less)

I’ll be posting more “EP–style” collections of a few short songs like this at a time in the future.

Listen here: In Appreciation of Limits