New Stuff (6/16/2016)

◙ Two new posts.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum at Right On
and Wising Up to Uncle Tim at Counter–Currents.

◙ Also some new music.

Three new songs up in a collection of ‘rough drafts’ at Soundcloud:

◙ While everyone tries to draw extravagant moral lessons from the sentencing of Brock Turner, let’s see how many people even find out about Chantae Gilman—a woman who broke into a man’s home and raped him in his sleep, only to be sentenced for 9 months on “attempted rape”. People never hear about these “reverse” cases. [Source]

◙ Someone else (a professor) has tackled the claim that “right–wing extremists” kill more U.S. citizen than Islamic terrorists that I addressed in a couple different articles of my own (here and at Counter Currents) recently. “If you include the death totals from 9/11 in such a calculation, then there have been around 62 people killed in the United States by Islamic extremists for every one American killed by a right wing terrorist…” At that rate, Muslims are killing about 1,860 times more people in terror attacks per capita than “right–wing extremists” are. [Source]

◙ This site is offering a raffle giveaway of $500 “unbreakable denim” jackets to anyone who signs up for their newsletter (giveaway is at the end of July). Check out the video of them trying to damage the material.

◙ A new book was added to the Zombie Meditations Reading List:


The gist is that if you have to build your incentive structures around the fact that most of the people you’re building them for are bad people with bad motivations, then you can crowd out good people who actually have good motivations from that system entirely. This is one of several books I would recommend to someone to support the thesis that thinking about economics (either from the right–wing angle of giving people the right sticks and carrots, or the left–wing angle of raising everyone out of poverty) can’t be a replacement for thinking about people (both in terms of culture and in terms of biology, the former of which is always partially an epiphenomena of the latter).

◙ I’d like to take credit for coining the term “Toxic mosquealinity.”

Feel free to steal it and use it for something.

◙ Current mood:



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