The Consciousness Chapters

Introductory Concepts (chapters I—III)

IAtheism, Science, Philosophy: The Origins of the Conflict

 II: Digging Up the Conflict’s Roots

 III: Does the World Pantry Stock More than Sugar?

The Essence of Consciousness (chapters IV—VIII)

IV: The Case of the Lunatic Fish 

V: Thinking Thoughts About the “Aboutness” of Thoughts

 VI: The Fire that Cannot Burn Itself

 VII: Panpsychism: Panacea, or Flash in the Pan?

“Empirical” Arguments (chapters VIII— )

VIII: Breaking (Down) Bad (Philosophy of Science)


IX: Freedom is a State of Mind (On Benjamin Libet and Sam Harris)


X:  The Nature of Scientific “Explanation” and the “Problem” of Interaction, pt.1


XI ( … to be continued … )

XII: From Chalmersian “Laws” to Transmigration


XIII: The Epistemology of Death


Supplementary Articles

A (Philosophical) Zombie Survival Guide



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